Whether it’s for a sports team, chairity, grad fundraiser or something else, a Bud, Spud & Steak night is a great way to raise money for your event.  Our events are tailored to you, and are like no other in the city!  Send us a message and let's book your event today.

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"We have our team fundraisers at Boogies, and the “Bud, Spud and Steak” evenings they put on are a big hit with all our friends and supporters.

Unlike most Bud Spud evenings in other bars, every steak at Boogies is handpicked by the owner and cooked to order, not mass produced and stuck under a heat lamp until someone grabs it!

Also the veggie stir fry option for those who want something other than steak is huge and very tasty!

Boogies is a great place to go with your team, your friends and family, or even if you are by yourself, and just want to sit at the bar and chat with the locals.

If the bar side isn’t your “thing”, all the food items and drinks are also available in the Diner, which is great if you are spending time with the family and kids."

Captain Darryl

Boogies Draggin' Butt



1155 Main St. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba